Pain Assessment Guidelines and Frameworks

PainChek®’s Reliability in Assessing Pain on Dementia Patients

Pain is common in residential aged care, with up to 80% of residents experiencing pain at some point in time, while at least 50% of those with dementia have pain on a regular basis.

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PainChek supports Quality Compliance Systems

PainChek supports Quality Compliance Systems with development of new pain management policy

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) has called on the expertise of PainChek, the company behind the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for the assessment of pain, to support with the 2023…

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Global Summit 2023

PainChek presents at the InterSystems Global Summit 2023

The premier event for the InterSystems technology community, took place in Miami last week – bringing together industry leaders and developers in digital health.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Where to find the right funding opportunities in the UK

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for the social care sector to get digital care records into 80% of social care providers by March 2024.

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federal budget aged care

Federal Budget 2023-24 supports aged care with significant funding increase

PainChek welcomes the significant investment which will improve the delivery of aged care, support AI and dementia-specific initiatives, and enable the implementation of several recommendations from…

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Janice Riley iPhone Landscape

Quarterly News Update: PainChek continues strong Aged Care growth in Australia and UK while expanding into global Hospital market

PainChek has maintained strong growth momentum in recent months. As of 31st March, over 2.3 million cumulative pain assessments have been recorded, an increase of 115% from last year. 64,000…

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PainChek and Carecontrol featured image

Care Control bolsters care management software offering with PainChek® integration

PainChek®, the world's first regulatory-cleared medical device for pain assessment, and Care Control, the digital care management software provider, have today announced their integration at Health…

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HIMSS23 Conference

PainChek presents at Global HIMSS23 Conference

The Global HIMSS23 Health Conference, held in Chicago last week, presented the latest on the advancement of healthcare, with a spotlight on AI and data interoperability.

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PainChek® included in PACOP assessment framework

PainChek®’s digital pain assessment scores have been included in the Palliative Aged Care Outcomes Program (PACOP) assessment framework as one of a suite of tools to assess pain in people receiving…

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Aileen Williams at RAAFA

Barriers To Assessing Pain and How PainChek Helps Solve Them

Assessing pain in people with dementia poses challenges to caregivers. We explore how assistive technology can help and enhance the quality of care.

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Care data

Report – Care Data Matters. What does it mean for UK social care?

Care Data Matters is a report published in February 2023 highlighting the importance of data in social care to support a more streamlined and efficient provision of care across the health and social…

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PainChek In Hospitals

PainChek: A vital tool for hospitals

Pain management is a crucial aspect of patient care in hospitals. Poorly managed pain can lead to patient distress and impact the patient’s quality of life, subsequently increasing the length of the…

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