Pain Assessment

Quarterly News Update: Fourth straight quarter of double-digit growth in aged care, with new opportunities in infant and hospital markets

PainChek has continued to experience strong growth in recent months. As of 30 September 2023, more than 3.4 million pain assessments had been conducted using PainChek®.

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Think Pain How robust pain procedures support your ‘safe’ quality statement

Think Pain: How robust pain procedures support your ‘safe’ quality statement

This blog is brought to you as part of the ‘Think Pain’ campaign, which is championed by PainChek and Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) in the UK.

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Summerset success with PainChek

Summerset’s Ongoing Success with PainChek® Across All New Zealand Care Centres

Summerset is a leading retirement and aged care provider in New Zealand. With 36 villages across New Zealand and one in Australia, Summerset is home to more than 7,500 residents.

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Face Analysis

Revolutionising pain assessment in aged care in New Zealand

David Allsopp, Head of Business Development ANZ, features in the August/September edition of AgedPlus Magazine, sharing how PainChek® has worked with clients such as Summerset Group Holdings Limited…

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Scottish Care Inspectorate using PainChek

PainChek On Track for Potential Rollout Across Scotland, Supported By Scottish Care Inspectorate

A second-phase funded PainChek® pilot has commenced across 15 care homes in Scotland, following the successful completion of the first phase earlier this year.

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Pain Assessment Guidelines and Frameworks

Care Quality Commission (CQC) publishes Innovation Case Study with Orchard Care Homes

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched it ‘Capturing Innovation to Accelerate Improvement’ project which collates a group of resources and case studies from the sector to encourage innovation…

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Pain Assessment Guidelines and Frameworks

Key Components in Assessing Pain in the Elderly Population

Consistent, reliable pain assessment and management is crucial to ensuring quality of life for the elderly population. It is estimated up to 93% of older people experience chronic pain, which, if…

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Care Inspectorate Thumb

Scotland’s Care Regulator Places PainChek® at the Forefront of Innovation in their Quality Improvement Plan

The Care Inspectorate (Scotland’s care regulator) is dedicated to promoting quality improvement (QI) in social care, social work, local health and social care partnerships, and early learning and…

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Janice Riley iPhone Landscape

PainChek’s Pilot Projects in the Edmonton Region, Canada: Revolutionizing Pain Assessment in North America

Two senior care facilities in the Edmonton region, Canada, have adopted leading-edge technology that uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to detect pain in residents who experience cognitive…

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Avante Care & Support launches PainChek

Avante Care & Support launches PainChek across its portfolio of care homes in Kent and London

This week Avante Care & Support began its education and training programme on PainChek across its portfolio of 10 care homes within Kent and Southeast London.

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PCK Quarterly Results 2

Quarterly News Update: PainChek surpasses 3 million pain assessments, continues global growth with new clients in Australia, the UK, and North America

PainChek has had another strong quarter, and we’re proud to share that over 3,000,000 digital pain assessments have been carried out using PainChek®. Each individual assessment brings more…

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Facial Scan

Understanding the Common Pain Assessment Tools in Aged Care

Assessing pain for people living with cognitive impairments presents challenges for their care providers due to difficulties in communicating, or self-reporting their pain.

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