PainChek Investors Presentation

CEO Philip Daffas presentation from the NWR Virtual Healthcare Day

PainChek CEO Philip Daffas recently presented the results from our latest quarterly, July to September 2021, at the NWR Virtual Healthcare Day 2021.

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Pain In Adults With Dementia

Understanding Pain Assessment in Adults with Dementia

Pain is common in people with dementia but often goes undetected. We explore effective pain assessment for this group & the role of pain scale assessment tools.

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Using technology to measure pain

How Technology Assists with Assessing Pain in Palliative Care

The provision of care is paramount when an individual enters palliative care. Ensuring end-of-life treatment and attention is synonymous with dignity, accuracy, reliability and sensitivity, is all…

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Integration Partners

Ensuring Your Integration Partners Are Aligned to Enable Best-Practice in Aged Care

The introduction of new technologies into the New Zealand aged care sector presents vast opportunities to improve treatment outcomes and the quality of care within these settings.

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Elderly Patient

Effective Pain Assessment in Elderly Populations

In order to provide optimal treatment for pain, care providers must ensure their pain assessment processes are thorough, accurate and reliable.

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Kalkine Webinar YouTube Cover

Healthcare Innovations for Sustainable Future – Webinar

Proudly hosted by Kalkine Media, our CEO, Philip Daffas, recently joined a conversation on how recent advances in biomedical research have swept away the conventional approach to medical science due…

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quarterlyUpdate copy

Quarterly News Update: PainChek Consolidates Local Aged Care Market Position, Expands Internationally, and Progresses in New Market Sectors

PainChek has had a productive quarter, with our digital pain assessment tool licensed for use across more than 120,000 beds in aged care facilities around Australia.

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App 1

Importance of App-based Technology in Managing Chronic Pain

Managing chronic pain is challenging for individuals and their carers. Find out how AI powered pain management apps can enable more responsive treatment of pain.

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Power Of Data

The Power of Data in Social Care

For decades the social care sector has been rich in data. However, organising and using it effectively was a challenge, as it remained locked away in filing cabinets and storage cupboards.

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Patient Pain Assessment tool

A Guide to PainChek’s Patient Pain Assessment Tool for Hospitals

PainChek enables efficient and accurate patient pain assessment and management.

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V Care Webinar

Webinar: Enabling Best-Practice Pain Management in Aged Care

Missed our webinar? Full recording and presentation slides now available!

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