PainChek® is now becoming the new global standard in pain assessment within Residential Aged Care.

The first PainChek® clinical pain assessment in aged care was at Barossa Village in South Australia. Three years on, PainChek® has now established itself as the new standard in pain assessment and has expanded across the whole of Australia and around the globe.

PainChek® Universal is a medical device and has regulatory clearance in Australia, UK, European Union, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia.

PainChek® is now licensed in over 1,500 aged care facilities covering four regions of the world and 5,000,000+ cumulative pain assessments have been conducted to date1. This has enabled better pain management for people who cannot reliably verbalise their pain – particularly those living with dementia and cognitive impairment.

Introducing the Universal Pain Assessment Solution

As part of the next step in the evolution of pain assessment, PainChek® continues to innovate with the Universal Pain Assessment Solution – enabling best practice pain management for all people, everywhere.

The PainChek® Universal solution enables better pain management by:

      • Giving a voice to those who cannot reliably verbalise their pain, through a unique AI driven assessment tool
      • Document the pain for those who can self-report, and
      • Providing the right pain assessment solution for those whose ability to communicate fluctuates

All directly available at the point of care. Click here for more information

PainChek® is a fully digital healthcare solution and can be operated from up to 3m away from the person being assessed. This aligns with social distancing requirements, minimising infection risks during both the current COVID-19 crisis, and any future viral outbreaks which may impact the vulnerable.

Finally, PainChek® Universal helps to keep all your processes aligned as it integrates directly into Care Management Systems. Pain data is safely stored in one place from which powerful real-time reporting via PainChek® Analytics supports your critical clinical decision-making.

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pain assessments conducted worldwide


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