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Features and Inclusions

Universal includes access to the PainChek® App, the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS), and PainChek® Analytics — all in one complete point-of-care solution.

Following a successful implementation in aged care settings, PainChek® is also now available
for use in the home, transforming the way pain is measured and managed.

Learn more about what’s included in a PainChek® license below.

1. PainChek App

The first clinically proven digital pain assessment tool for those residents who cannot verbalise pain. PainChek® uses artificial intelligence to automatically assess the micro-facial features of pain for aged care residents to drive objectivity and consistency in all assessments.

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2. Numerical Rating Scale (NRS)

An established standard used to document self-reported pain levels in those who can reliably verbalise their pain. PainChek® Universal records and stores NRS pain scores alongside PainChek® scores, combining the benefits of the two pain scales into one universal pain assessment solution.

3. PainChek® Analytics

PainChek® Analytics empowers your team to draw actionable insights from PainChek® pain assessment data. This helps in reducing clinical risk, early detection of changes in pain trends, and the ability to focus on delivering quality care without the burden of number crunching.

With real-time reports, PainChek® Analytics identifies people who require immediate follow-up assessments due to active assessed pain for 24 hours or more, and those who have not received a baseline pain assessment as per the minimum assessment guideline recommended by leading industry bodies. PainChek® Analytics also offers real-time dashboards that focus on utility trends, pain trends, or enable clinicians to deep dive into the pain of a specific resident, providing a comprehensive view of pain management practices at all levels of care.


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All features and inclusions

  • Unlimited PainChek pain assessments for each resident
  • Unlimited NRS pain assessments for each resident
  • Unlimited number of users across all facilities
  • Unlimited access to historical pain score data for all residents
  • Support with set-up, either remotely or in your facility
  • Initial train-the-trainer onboarding and education
  • Ongoing training and support for users
  • Backend management reporting via PainChek Analytics
  • Software updates supplied throughout the duration of your subscription
  • Integration into 3rd party Care Management Systems (CMS) where available

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PainChek® Universal is fully integrated with leading Care Management System (CMS) providers in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

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