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PainChek’s international progress has driven interest from Scottish TV (STV), a major TV network in Scotland. STV recently filmed a segment interviewing PainChek and a Scottish Care Provider, Elder Homes, for its Six O’clock news.

As previously reported on, The Care Inspectorate (Scotland’s care regulator) is funding a pilot of PainChek® across Scottish care homes as part of its Quality Improvement Plan for 2023/24. PainChek® is featured as a key technology in the Care Inspectorate’s focus on promoting innovation to enhance the quality of care.

PainChek® is currently in use across 18 care homes in Scotland, with 15 more to trial it as part of phase two of the pilot.

Interviewee Cheryl Henderson shared insights into the impact of the PainChek® rollout across Elder Care Homes:

“A lot of our residents with end-stage dementia are unable to say [whether they are in pain] but you know that they’re not quite right. It’s the facial recognition [technology] that sets [PainChek®] apart. It has allowed us to give people a voice that they didn’t have before. It has [also] altered pain relief that we give. Some has increased and some has actually decreased.”

Tandeep Gill, PainChek’s Senior Business Development Manager, also commented on the significant positive outcomes of the Scottish pilot to date:

“Here in Scotland we’ve been linked to a 42% reduction in falls. Falls are bad and they cause people to go into hospital. So we’ve actually seen a reduction in hospital admissions as well.”

Iain Henderson, whose wife Katie is a resident of Elder Care Homes, said PainChek® is a leading example of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence:

“AI gets a lot of publicity and to see it in a practical usable example, working so beautifully, is very encouraging, and what I believe is just the beginning.”

Watch the full STV News segment below:

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