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Nourish Care, a leading UK care management software provider, has established a channel partnership with PainChek.

The partnership has an initial 12-month term with an opportunity to renew by both parties and will facilitate sales of the PainChek® digital pain assessment app directly through Nourish, which currently supports more than 320,000 people receiving care1 across multiple care settings, including residential, disability and home care. PainChek® is already contracted to be licensed for use across ~25,000 beds in 600 UK aged care facilities2, where there are currently 900,000 people living with dementia, projected to rise to 1.6 million by 20403.

The PainChek® and Nourish integration, which was launched in 2022, facilitates best-practice pain management in real-time, including monitoring and improving assessment practices and pain outcomes by resident, facility, and across the group via PainChek® Analytics.

PainChek® assessments, which combine intelligently automated, AI-driven pain scores and a Numerical Rating Scale (NRS), are sent to Nourish instantly upon completion at the point of care. Consistent, best-practice pain management has been shown to lead to significant benefits, such as a 40% decrease in distress, a 20% reduction in falls, and a 40% drop in medication-related incidents4.

Commenting on the new partnership between PainChek and Nourish Care, PainChek CEO and Managing Director Philip Daffas said:

“Since 2022, the best-in-class integration between PainChek® and Nourish Care has facilitated best-practice pain management and quality, technology-driven care. This latest agreement strengthens our existing partnership and is set to rapidly accelerate PainChek®’s sales in the UK by leveraging Nourish’s current client base across home care, disability and the 500,000 aged care bed market.5

Nourish Care Director of Partner and Business Engagement Denise Tack, commented:

“We are delighted to grow our partnership with PainChek, to help an increasing number of care providers across the UK. Our integration with PainChek® has been highly successful, without barriers to implementation. As we go to clients, we have the ability to activate PainChek® immediately with the touch of a button. It means that all our clients, whether new or existing, can easily benefit from better, resident-focused care, which is great for all involved.”

The Company is unable to provide an estimate for the revenue to be derived from this partnership, however sales will be included in PainChek’s future consolidated financial reports.
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