Chief Scientific Officer PhD, MPS

Jeff is a professor in the School of Pharmacy, Curtin University in Western Australia. Jeff served as the Head of the School of Pharmacy of Curtin University, from March 2009 to May 2014. Jeff is one of the team who invented the ePAT App and since March 2015 has been the CEO of ePAT.

He is recognised as a leader in clinical pharmacy research, education and practice in Australia. He was the recipient of the 1998 Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia’s (SHPA) Glaxo Medal of Merit and in 2001 received SHPA’s Clinical Pharmacy award. Further, in 2004 his efforts in the areas of clinical pharmacy education and pharmacy research were acknowledged when he was named the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA) Pharmacist of the Year. More recently he received the 2008 Eric Kirk Memorial Award from the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia, the 2009 AACP-Pfizer Consultant Pharmacist Award and the 2014 Australasian Pharmaceutical Sciences Association Medal.

Jeff is currently a Director of the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia of which he is the National Vice President and the Chair of the Financial, Audit and Risk Management Committee. Jeff is also a community pharmacy proprietor and a practising accredited pharmacist.

Jeff has contributed significantly to clinical pharmacy education and practice through his role as the Consultant Editor of the “Australian Pharmacy” and editorial membership of the “Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research”. He has also supervised numerous PhD, Masters and Honours candidates to completion and acted as a mentor for early career researchers. Jeff has an extensive publication record contributing to a large number of books (as an author/editor) and articles in peer review and professional journals.