Those living with a disability who are unable to reliably communicate their pain are one of the most vulnerable groups for undetected or misidentified pain.

Research shows that individuals living with a disability are at a higher risk of experiencing pain and having more frequent or severe pain1. Those who are unable to communicate their experience of pain may also have less access to appropriate and adequate pain management2.

Enabling shared care between carers and clinicians

PainChek®’s easy-to-use digital pain assessment tool empowers carers, GPs and allied health professionals to assess and document pain levels at the point of care, supporting providers to better manage individuals in their pain experience.

Pain assessment results can be securely and appropriately shared amongst GPs, allied health professionals, and other care providers in seconds, enabling end-to-end care and pain management.

PainChek Diagram Pain Assessment

How it works

The PainChek® app includes both an AI facial analysis tool, which automates the observational pain assessment process, and a self-report pain rating scale. Together, these features enable a reliable, consistent pain assessment framework transforming the way pain is measured and managed for all individuals.

Pain assessment data captured by PainChek® supports ongoing pain management interventions and high-quality care for people living with a disability.

Key benefits include:

  • User-friendly: Intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Empowering: Supports all caregivers to accurately assess pain in any setting.
  • Efficient: Provides automated and guided assessment processes to consistently identify pain.
  • Collaboration of Care: Offers secure access to pain data for caregivers, GPs, and allied health professionals.
  • Quality and Risk: Supports best practice pain management.
  • Oversight: Allows remote monitoring and clinical decision-making support through the PainChek Portal.
  • Analytics: Delivers automated reports and live dashboards with meaningful insights to improve individual pain management.

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PainChek® enables accurate, rapid, and consistent assessment of pain for adults living with a disability

In 2020, PainChek partnered with Nulsen Group, a leading community and disability services provider in Western Australia, to implement the PainChek® digital pain assessment tool on people with intellectual, developmental, or other disabilities with limited ability to communicate their pain.

The implementation of PainChek® resulted in strong positive outcomes and as a result, Nulsen Group have continued the use of PainChek® to enable best practice pain management across their homes.

Curtin University study findings validated the use of PainChek® to benefit the disability sector, including:

  • Supporting NDIS requirements regarding safeguarding and protection of clients
  • Enhancing carers’ knowledge and understanding of pain and its impact on behaviours in those living with a disability
  • Empowering carers to engage with healthcare professionals in the management of their client’s pain
  • Consistent identification of pain, across all staff from carers, team leaders and agency
  • Improved quality of life and engagement with the community for those living with a disability

In 2022, PainChek also received funding from the State Government of Western Australia to develop a version of PainChek® for children with disabilities. Associate Professor Jenny Downs from the Telethon Kids Institute is leading the PainChek project on behalf of the Centre of Child Health Research at the University of Western Australia, along with PainChek’s Chief Scientific Officer Professor Jeff Hughes.

“Pain management is particularly challenging for people with complex disabilities, and it is exciting that an Australian-based company is harnessing smartphone and cloud technology to support vulnerable people in our community.”

– CEO, Nulsen Group

“Universally it’s a good tool because it takes any of those [biases] out [of the pain assessment process].”

– Nulsen Group participant in a trial of PainChek®

PainChek® is utilised in over 1,500 facilities across three continents, with more than 5,000,000 million digital pain assessments conducted to date, and is trusted by thousands of nurses, carers, and clinicians.

To learn more about implementing PainChek®, contact our team here or call 1800 098 809 to speak to us directly.


1Doody, O. & Bailey, M. (2017). Pain and pain assessment in people with intellectual disability: Issues and challenges in practice. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 45, 157-165,
2McGuire BE, Daly P, Smyth F. (2010). Chronic pain in people with an intellectual disability: Under-recognised and under-treated? Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 54(2), 240-245.

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