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Using AI and smartphone technology to give a voice to people who cannot verbalise their pain

Transforming pain management


Transforming pain management


World’s first smart phone pain assessment and monitoring device

Automatically detects pain through facial recognition technology

PainChek® has regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe (1)

Empowering all caregivers to accurately assess and manage pain

PainChek Ltd

I am a professional care provider working
with people living with dementia.

PainChek Ltd

I am a family member or friend caring for
someone living with dementia.

Introducing PainChek’s
Shared Care Program

Changing the way pain is managed in the home.

PainChek Ltd

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  • Earlier this year we looked at how PainChek®, the world’s first smartphone pain assessment and monitoring device, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smartphone technology to give a voice to people who cannot verbalise their pain.

  • A PHARMACIST embedded in a Residential Aged Care (RAC) facility In Tasmania is using artificial intelligence app PainChek to assess and improve pain in non-verbal elderly residents.

  • PainChek® and Churches of Christ in Queensland (“CofCQ”), a leading Australian Residential Aged Care (“RAC”) provider are pleased to announce the execution of a PainChek® licence agreement.

  • Designed to be used by parents, family and carers - anyone that cares for young children who are unable to verbalise their pain.