PainChek® is now becoming the new global standard in pain assessment within Residential Aged Care.

The need for PainChek® as a best-practice pain management solution extends to older people living at home and with access to home care packages that enable long term home living. These populations include people living with dementia, suffering multiple chronic pain conditions, as well as those with sensory, cognitive and mental health impairments.

The PainChek® Universal solution enables better pain management by:

  • Giving a voice to those who cannot reliably verbalise their pain, through a unique AI driven assessment tool
  • Documenting the pain scores of those who can self-report an
  • Providing the right pain assessment solution for those whose ability to communicate fluctuates all directly available at the point of care. Click here for more information

With an ageing population, there is a growing pressure on an already over-burdened public health system. At the same time, there is an increase in government funding for the help and care of older people as they live independently at home.

PainChek® is now partnering with Home Care and Disability Service providers.

PainChek® benefits to Home Care providers include:

  • Person centric – enabling best practice pain management for all people, everywhere
  • Clinically validated – quantifiable pain assessment tool.
  • Empowering – supporting a workforce who operate remotely.
  • Accessible – particularly helpful in regional and remote areas where there is limited access to services, and for those whose mobility is limited.
  • Evidence based – quantifiable pain levels, at the point of care.
  • Continuity of care – seamless ongoing monitoring by GPs, carers and relatives.
  • Efficient – eradicating manual processes with no duplication of effort.
  • User-friendly – eLearning platform and easy to operate.
  • Sustainable – helping the aged care and disability sector meet current and future workforce challenges.

The Universal Pain Assessment Solution – enabling better pain management for all people, everywhere

Pain assessment is difficult, particularly in people who cannot reliably verbalise their pain. This can lead to misdiagnosis and under-treatment of pain. For these people, historically used pain assessment tools have been subjective, manual processes, and subsequently are often under-used by nurses and carers.

The PainChek® Universal Pain Assessment Solution has transformed the way in which pain is assessed and managed. It has transformed pain assessment in to a single, digital point of care solution.

PainChek® is now the established new standard in pain assessment in Residential Aged Care, and is rapidly entering the Community and Disability Care sectors. With over 3,000,000 pain assessments completed to date it is enabling best practice pain management for all people, everywhere.