PainChek® is improving care at home with fast, accurate digital pain assessment

The need for PainChek® as a best-practice pain management solution extends to older people living at home and with access to home care packages that enable long term home living. These populations include people living with dementia, suffering multiple chronic pain conditions, as well as those with sensory, cognitive and mental health impairments.

PainChek® enables better pain management by:

  • Giving a voice to those who cannot reliably verbalise their pain, through a unique AI facial analysis driven assessment tool
  • Documenting the pain scores of those who can self-report
  • Providing the right pain assessment solution for those whose ability to communicate fluctuates all directly available at the point of care.
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With an ageing population, there is a growing pressure on an already over-burdened public health system. At the same time, there is an increase in government funding for the help and care of older people as they live independently at home.

PainChek® is proud to partner with Home Care service providers.

PainChek® benefits to Home Care providers include:

  • Continuity of care: Seamless pain assessment data-sharing between in-home carers, GPs, allied health professionals and relatives.
  • Empowering: Supports all caregivers to accurately assess pain in the home environment.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Efficient: Automates key assessment processes, saving time and reducing the risk of error.
  • Informed decision-making: Supports best-practice pain management and assists the transition to other care phases when the time is right.

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Pain assessment data captured by PainChek® supports ongoing pain management interventions, guides care planning, and ensures individuals receive high-quality care in the home or other settings.

HomeCare Diagram

PainChek® Pain Assessment Solution – enabling shared care between families, carers and clinicians

PainChek®’s easy-to-use digital pain assessment tool empowers carers and relatives to assess and document pain levels at the point of care, supporting families to better manage and care for their loved ones in the home.

Pain assessment results can seamlessly be shared with GPs, allied health professionals and other carers in seconds, enabling end-to-end care and pain management.

“As someone who doesn’t work in health or care, I hadn’t heard of PainChek® but was instantly put at ease knowing there is a reliable way for carers to identify when Dad is in pain. [He is now being] prescribed regular pain relief and as a result, his comfort has increased rapidly and he is no longer having regular falls.”

Patricia*, a family member caring for her dad, Robert*,
who is living with vascular dementia

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