Put effective pain assessment at the centre of how medications are used to manage pain, with BESTMED and PainChek®’s integration.

BESTMED is Australia’s favourite eNRMC medication management solution for residential aged care. By creating a single resident medication record for the prescribing, dispensing, and administration of medication, BESTMED improves transparency, reduces medication errors to improve resident safety. Cloud-based, real-time and transcription-free, BESTMED ensures that the resident gets the right medication in the right dose at the right time, and by the right route.

AlayaCare Integration Partner

Integration Features & Benefits:

    • Automatically synchronises resident data from BESTMED with PainChek®.
    • Direct flow of pain assessment outcomes and details from PainChek® to BESTMED.
    • PainChek® data auto-populates as an Observation throughout the BESTMED system, providing direct visibility from clinicians administering medications, through to medical practitioners making prescribing decisions.


PainChek®’s integration with BESTMED ensures that prescribing medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and all others involved in the management of medications are aware of the presence of pain and its severity, and can monitor the effectiveness of pharmacological pain management interventions in a single solution.

“We are excited to partner with PainChek. It’s clear that all of our customers are looking for integration technology that makes connecting to other key business applications easy. With PainChek, we can help support aged care providers to seamlessly integrate systems and further improve the health outcomes of older Australians.”

– Phil Offer, CEO, BESTMED

Below, watch the webinar to learn more about how PainChek® and BESTMED enable best practice in pain management, and see how the two systems work together in the PainChek® and BESTMED integration demo.