Ensure pain assessment and medication management go hand-in-hand, and enable the seamless delivery of care with PainChek® and Medi-Map

Medi-Map is a leading medication management software for aged care providers in Australia and New Zealand. The platform manages all aspects of medication in a facility-based environment sharing the medication charts between prescriber, pharmacy, and care organisation staff, allowing for a transparent, seamless cascade of care for each resident.


Features of the PainChek® and Medi-Map enhanced workflow

1. One-tap PainChek® launch

When using a compatible device with the PainChek® app installed, the app can be launched using the PainChek® button found on the Medi-Map patient administration page. Simply tap on the button to launch the PainChek® app, and conduct a pain assessment.

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2. Record pain assessment outcomes in Medi-Map

When documenting the administration of PRN medication in Medi-Map, you can record the specific pain assessment outcomes you’ve identified using the PainChek® app.

If you conducted an assessment using the Numerical Rating Scale in the PainChek® app, use the ‘Pain (NRS)’ radio-buttons to document the score you recorded.

If you conducted a PainChek® observational pain assessment, enter the numerical score you identified into the ‘PainChek’ field. This score will be converted into a rating of ‘No pain’, ‘Mild pain’, ‘Moderate pain’, or ‘Severe pain’ – just like in the PainChek® app itself.

3. Simplified handover

When viewing PRN medication administered during the past 24 hours, you can see the documented PainChek® or NRS assessment scores alongside the details of the medication administered.

Additionally, you can tap the ‘Add’ button to record an outcome. As a component of the outcome, you can record the pain scores you’ve identified using the PainChek® app.

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4. Graphed data

Staff and prescribers can view graphed data by clicking on the blue ‘More’ button at the top of the medication administration page or medication chart. Select ‘Pain’ to view the PainChek® records in Medi-Map.

From this page, you can then see a graph of PainChek® app assessment outcomes above a detailed record of the medication administrations associated with the input of this pain data.

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“Combining best-in-breed pain assessment with real-time medication management is extremely exciting and powerful from a resident outcome’s perspective. Integrating PainChek® results into Medi-Map will lead to improved resident outcomes and better care – something both companies are passionate about.”

– Greg Garratt, Medi-Map CEO

About Medi-Map

Medi-Map has a focus on ensuring patient care and safety is the number one priority. A cloud-based platform focused on medicine management. Designed by clinicians, in consultation with experienced prescribers, the Medi-Map platform supports staff to work in line with best practice, legislation, industry standards, and policy to improve accuracy, provide transparency and streamline the whole medication management process, from prescribing to administration.

Medi-Map’s speciality is medication management and has a strong ethos towards being interoperable with other software vendors to streamline workflows and minimise potential risk. Through our integration platform, we have been able to partner with key organisations to provide a complete end to end care solution, taking into account all members of the healthcare team. For more information, please visit https://medimap.com.au