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PainChek has continued to experience strong growth in recent months. As of 30 September 2023, more than 3.4 million pain assessments had been conducted using PainChek®.

77,000 commercial beds have been contracted in 1,200 aged care facilities across three continents. This represents a 91% increase compared to the year prior, and the fourth straight quarter of double-digit growth in the aged care market. In addition, we are delighted to share positive progress across the infant and hospital markets.

Continued growth across aged care in ANZ, the UK, and North America

Australia and New Zealand: PainChek licences cover approximately 57,000 beds across 750 aged care facilities, representing approximately 30% of the market.

In September, PainChek secured its largest agreement in the aged care market since the inception of the company, contracting Uniting Care Queensland (UCQ) across its 3,750+ beds.

In addition, some of PainChek’s larger Australian clients include:

  • Allity (Bolton Clarke) – 4,000 beds across some 45 homes
  • BlueCross – 2,700 beds across 32 homes
  • Baptist Care NSW/ACT – 2,000+ beds across 17 homes
  • Churches of Christ QLD – over 2000+ beds across 30 homes
  • Ozcare – over 2,000 beds across 17 homes
  • Anglicare NSW – over 2,000 beds across 21 homes

Other large customers contracted in the last quarter include:

  • ElderCare – 1,300 beds across 12 homes (3-year agreement)
  • Castalia Performance Pty Ltd – 1,027 beds across 10 homes

In New Zealand, PainChek has established several additional smaller agreements with New Zealand aged care, home care, and disability providers in the last quarter.

Looking ahead, PainChek is on track for further growth across Australia and New Zealand, with several large providers working with the PainChek team to establish contracts, and existing customers ready to expand their usage following positive results from initial pilots.

UK: PainChek licences now cover approximately 20,000 beds across 400 aged care facilities. Some of PainChek’s larger UK clients include:

  • Exemplar Healthcare – 1,800 beds across 40 homes
  • Orchard Care Homes – 1,300 beds across 23 homes
  • Greensleeves Trust – 1,300 beds across some 28 homes
  • Harbour Healthcare – 1,200 beds across 22 homes
  • Future Care – 1,000 beds across 18 homes

We are delighted with the positive and well-publicised feedback from the Scottish Care Inspectorate phase 1 pilot and progression to phase 2, which has the potential to cover 38,000 aged care beds across Scotland.

PainChek’s progress in Scotland has driven interest from Scottish TV (STV), a major TV network in Scotland. STV recently filmed a segment interviewing PainChek and a Scottish Care Provider, Elder Homes, for its six o’clock news.

In addition, we have received confirmation from BUPA UK for an initial 500-bed pilot, which includes a PainChek® roll-out across their 8,000 bed estate on successful completion of the pilot.

Over 2,800 beds were implemented this quarter, supported by PainChek’s training partners Ark Training and Ash healthcare. PainChek is recruiting more staff in the UK to train, implement, and service the growing client base.

We look forward to sharing more on these significant initiatives in the coming months.

North America: Following successful pilots, PainChek’s first Canadian clients Sherwood Care and St Michael’s Health Group have both contracted for three-year commercial agreements, and we are currently in discussions with additional large Canadian aged care providers.

“Our search for the latest advancements in aged care led us to implement PainChek® at St. Michael’s Health Group. We consider ourselves lucky that we came across PainChek®, as it represents the next level of pain assessment.”

St Michael’s Health Group case study

In the US, we are on track to achieve FDA clearance and launch in 2024, following the completion of a validation study in Iowa. PainChek’s partnerships with Ethos Labs, PointClickCare, and InterSystems in the US lay the groundwork for rapid expansion once FDA clearance has been received.

PainChek® Infant to launch with first-time parents in Australia, further research underway

Following market research with parents of children below one year of age, PainChek® Infant is on track to launch with a targeted group of first-time parents in Australia later this year.

Based on initial feedback and research findings, PainChek® Infant will include a more robust infant facial detection process. Learnings from PainChek® Infant’s initial group of users will also provide the basis for a broader launch in Australia and the UK in 2024.

In addition, various clinical research projects are underway to further develop the PainChek® Infant solution:

  • PainChek Toddler Validation Study – PainChek is now conducting a study to determine whether PainChek® Infant may also be used to assess pain in toddlers aged 1 to 3 years of age. Results are expected to be available in early 2024.
  • PainChek® Infant Minor Surgery Pain Study – This study has been conducted to evaluate the feasibility and clinical utility of PainChek® Infant when used by parents to monitor the presence of post-surgical pain and the effectiveness of pain interventions. Results from the study are expected to be available before the end of 2023.
  • Infant Vocalisation Project – PainChek is currently developing AI models to determine when a baby is crying because they are in pain. The technology will be used to develop audio-based pain alerts and combine it with its existing facial analysis models to allow detection and quantification of pain.

Growing footprint in the hospital market

We will shortly be commencing a pilot in the UK within the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, alongside our partner InterSystems. The pilot will be initiated with a team of specialist pain nurses using PainChek® across the hospital wards.

We are also in discussions with several local hospitals on the east coast of Australia to implement PainChek® as part of their pain specialist teams.

Upholding the highest standards of information security, data protection, and risk management

This quarter, PainChek successfully obtained ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised benchmark for information security management. Earning this certification showcases PainChek’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of information security, data protection, and risk management.

With this certification, PainChek’s stakeholders, clients, and partners can have confidence in our dedication to maintaining and consistently enhancing PainChek’s security protocols, aligning with world-class best practices.

To learn more about how PainChek® could enable best-practice pain management within your organisation, book a one-on-one session with a member of our team.

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