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The Telethon Kids Institute in conjunction with PainChek has been provided Government funding of nearly $400k to develop an app for children with disabilities to detect pain in kids who can’t tell you when it hurts.

The project, “Detecting pain in kids who can’t tell you it hurts: PainChek for children with disabilities”, is led by Associate Professor Jenny Downs from Telethon Kids Institute on behalf of the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Child Health Research together with Professor Jeff Hughes, PainChek’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Highlighting and addressing a significant unmet need, this project is both evidence and validation of the need for technology-enabled tools for the assessment of pain in non-verbal children.

Of the project, Professor Hughes said:

“Pain amongst children living with disability is common and can have a significant negative impact on their quality of life. For those caring for these children, knowing when they are in pain can be challenging. This project aims to create a tool that will allow rapid and accurate detection of pain, thus improving pain management.”

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