A year after the first COVID-19  lockdown, the social care sector is reopening its doors — reuniting residential care home residents with their loved ones.

This step out of lockdown is a welcome morale boost for the clinicians and care teams who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, in an already overstretched service. As the care home sector bounces back, we at PainChek® are ready to support care teams with the tools to accurately detect and manage pain in residents.

Launch of PainChek® Universal

To date, PainChek® is now being used in over 900 registered care beds in the UK. With the continued recovery of the sector, this number is set to increase as more care homes look to introduce digital, solution-focused tools into their organisations.

This timely recovery also coincides with the official launch of PainChek® Universal in the UK. A complete point-of-care solution that sets out to improve the assessment and documentation of pain for all residents. PainChek® Universal introduces the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), meaning improved documentation of pain is now extended beyond just those who cannot self-report, such as those living with dementia, and can now benefit those residents who can self-report, or have a fluctuating ability to do so.

New clients and partnerships in the UK


Erskine Logo


As the largest care provider for veterans in Scotland, Erskine provides high quality care with a focus on innovative solutions to facilitate a truly person-centric approach. Recognising the importance of pain assessment and chronic pain management, Erskine are PainChek®’s newest client – and one that we are immensely proud to work with.

PainChek® is now working closely with the 100-year-old charity to ensure a swift roll out across the 320 registered beds — the entirety of Erskine’s care home estate.

Erskine will be the first UK client to go live with PainChek® Universal, for best practice pain management.


Well Pharmacy Logo





The Well Pharmacy is the largest independent pharmacy chain in the UK.

Committed to providing an outstanding service to care homes with person-centric solutions, The Well has partnered with PainChek®. The Well Care Home Services Team are now actively promoting the pain assessment tool, signposting more than 350 care homes across the UK.

PainChek® UK in the news

With the Coronavirus placing the social care sector under global spotlight, PainChek® UK’s timely open letter to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson called for refocus in meeting the objectives of the Dementia 2020 challenge.

Launched in 2015, the challenge set out to achieve two key objectives:

  • to be the best country in the world for dementia care and support and for people with dementia, their carers and families to live,


  • the best place in the world to undertake research into dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The letter urged for an honest appraisal of the Dementia 2020 challenge. It also called for the strategic and financial support required for care providers to implement innovative technology that supports dementia care, improving quality of life with efficient monitoring and management of residents’ needs.

Looking to the future

In the coming months, our focus continues to be empowering our clients in the UK to deliver efficient, effective and streamlined pain assessment and management.

If you’re interested in using PainChek in your facility, contact us today to request an obligation-free demo.

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