PainChek CMS Integration

PainChek is pleased to announce the Company now has integration partnerships with CMS providers whose software covers 80% (~180,000 beds) of the Australian Residential Aged Care market and 50,000 beds in the UK.

This includes the recent additions of AutumnCare, CareLynx and Sarah Software Solutions to the existing integration partners based in Australia and the UK (see ASX release NWR Conference Presentation 3rd August 2020).

The integration of PainChek® with the CMS in aged care facilities ensures the PainChek results are automatically downloaded to the CMS without the need for paperwork or duplication of data entry. This process is extremely helpful given the current challenges in aged care, saving time that can be used for clinical care and providing additional clinical data for better care planning.

PainChek CEO Philip Daffas said:

These integration partnerships are a demonstration of our collective desire to provide aged care with digital healthcare tools that improve the quality of care and safety during these difficult times. It is also a great example of how industry is collaborating to deliver on the Morrison Government funded initiative, ensuring the 100,000 residents in aged care living with dementia and their carers can gain access to PainChek® assessments in a safe and effective manner. We are now looking to extend these integration agreements into the home care sector where the majority of people with dementia currently live, as well as progressing our international expansion plans.

Having a TGA cleared-medical device allows staff to monitor residents across the whole of their medical journey, including in the palliative approach.

PainChek® is a rapid, safe pain assessment that is conducted at the point-of-care. The app automatically assesses pain via artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology. Research shows it is already driving higher quality aged care and improved pain management in residential settings around Australia.

In the COVID-19 environment being managed by RAC facilities, PainChek® assessments can be conducted from safe distancing and is rapidly minimising the risk of air transmission. PainChek® also enables shared care capabilities for these facilities, allowing for the sharing of results between RAC nurses/carers and general practitioners, physiotherapists or other care providers in a remote fashion.

The Company currently has more than 60,000 aged care beds under contract across more than 700 aged care facilities. Data gathered from RAC customers to date by the Company indicates that approximately 60% of beds are occupied by residents suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment. The company is targeting 100,000 contracted dementia beds in Australia by June 2021 as part of the Morrison Government funded aged care dementia initiative.