PainChek Corporate Governance

We at PainChek® are working closely with our Residential Aged Care clients as the industry faces the challenges of COVID-19. Regular and reliable pain assessment remain a key duty of care for residential aged care operators, with over 80% of residents are suffering from pain and more than 60% are living with dementia or cognitive impairment.

PainChek® is an Australian developed, state-of-the-art pain assessment tool for people who cannot verbalise their pain. PainChek® was developed as a digital health solution that allows for fully remote product delivery, on-line training and technical support for all aged care facilities.

PainChek® supports remote delivery in a simple and flexible manner so that you can achieve best in class pain assessment for your residents during these difficult times.

The following is a summary of how we can provide this capability to you and how you can gain free access to PainChek® for 12 months under a federal government funded initiative.

Ensuring access and deployment of PainChek®

A software as a service technology, PainChek® is deployed in the cloud and is sold and supported by a comprehensive digital program. PainChek® harnesses online communication channels, such as video conferencing, webinars, and email, to build and maintain reach with residential aged care communities. These technologies minimise the need for PainChek’s teams to have direct access to client premises and facilities—helping to protect care staff, as well as residents in aged care facilities.

It also ensures that those who have registered for the free 12-month PainChek® subscription as part of a Federal Government Department of Health initiative will continue to be able to benefit from the program, and implement PainChek® without delays or restrictions.

Supporting remote implementation for new residential aged care facilities

In addition, supply of, and access to PainChek® isn’t affected by territories or borders and can be deployed digitally to minimise the impact of any potential supplier entry restrictions imposed by residential aged care customers.

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, the app can be downloaded and installed remotely on existing smartphones, tablets, and iPads, without the need for direct face-to-face contact or the purchase of new equipment.

PainChek® also supports new and existing customers with a robust digital training program that can be accessed anywhere, any time. This suite of readily available online training modules can be used by global clients to enable remote training and on-boarding of the platform.

Providing ongoing access and support for existing customers

For Residential Aged Care facilities that are already using PainChek®, the platform is well-placed to support existing infection control strategies including social distancing. PainChek® can be used by care staff to assess pain in residents from up to 3 metres distance, allowing residential aged care facilities to continue to deliver reliable and regular pain assessment while protecting themselves and residents.

PainChek’s clinical support team are also available to assist via digital communication platforms, to ensure existing residential aged care facilities continue to get the support needed without needing to be physically on-site.

As one of Australia’s leading healthcare technology companies, PainChek® was born in the cloud and is well-equipped to support remote operations. PainChek’s business continuity plan is designed to enable some or all of the workforce to work from home if required.