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This week Avante Care & Support began its education and training programme on PainChek across its portfolio of 10 care homes within Kent and Southeast London. PainChek UK trainer, Thomas Morten, carried out two jam-packed days of ‘train the trainer’ sessions to support the Avante team in distributing their knowledge and experience of using PainChek to the rest of their teams within the organisation.

Speaking after the session, Thomas said:

“We have had a fantastic two days with the team from Avante Care & Support. Their passion and commitment for improving care for their residents is profound. We discussed the challenges of pain management for people living with dementia and how this can have knock-on effects to their pain management within care. The team were quick to identify these challenges and forthcoming with ways of combatting this, including the correct utility of PainChek. The team spent time in the classroom, as well as on the care home floor using PainChek in a theoretical and real-world setting, which leaves us confident that the team are well equipped to improve pain management for their residents with dementia or other cognitive impairment now and into the future”.

Avante Care & Support provides high-quality care for people living with dementia and those requiring nursing care. Their care provision focuses on the individual needs of its residents, and we develop our person-centred care plans to take account of our belief that everyone is unique and has specific particular requirements.

Matthew Heath, Project Delivery Manager at Avante Care & Support said:

“We are delighted to be rolling out PainChek across our care homes to enhance the way our teams can assess and manage pain. Ensuring our residents’ pain is appropriately managed is hugely important for our residents’ wellbeing, as well as ensuring the quality of care we provide meets the standards we set out to achieve. PainChek’s technology assessment framework gives us confidence that pain is identified and quantified appropriately for all residents, regardless of their cognition or ability to self-report. This project builds upon our arsenal of tools to ensure we are providing the best care possible and we are very excited to see this project flourish over time”.

Avante Care & Support follow the Eden Alternative philosophy of care, enabling them to ensure that they provide the highest standard of care for all residents. Avante’s vision is to ensure that “everyone matters” within all care home communities and all their residents can enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Avante Care & Support will also be taking advantage of PainChek’s direct integration into its Nourish Care software which facilitates the flow of pain assessment data directly into their Care Management System (CMS). This means care professionals will see the most up-to-date pain assessments for their individuals when reviewing a residents care records allowing for more personalised care to take place.

Heather Taylor, Software Support Advisor at Avante Care & Support has overseen the training of PainChek across its homes. Heather says:

“We have had a great experience working with the PainChek training team. The sessions have been well-executed and informative. The teams here have really enjoyed the process of learning all about PainChek and they are now going to train their own teams in their respective homes. Thomas provided great communication and project planning throughout the whole process and has been in close communication to answer any of our questions along the way”.

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