The Time is right for digital transformation 2

Recorded on Wednesday 23 August 2023

Watch the recorded webinar with Janice Chia – Founder and Managing Director, Ageing Asia, David Williams – Country Manager, Ascom, Carla Beheram – COO of Anchor Excellence, and Andy Hoggan – Head of Operations, PainChek for a FREE panel discussion on aged care challenges and the potential of digital solutions to enhance resident quality, safety, and experience.

This is a must-watch webinar for any carer, clinician or facility manager wanting to save time and improve pain management processes.

During the webinar, you will learn about:

      • The state of technology within aged care, what’s on the horizon, and what this means for you
      • How to overcome implementation challenges and leverage the benefits of new technologies, with advice from industry leaders
      • Why change management is critical, and how it can help improve systems, workflows, and clinical outcomes
      • Insights into Australian and international best-practice use cases for technology in aged care

Watch now:

To learn more about how PainChek® could enable best-practice pain management within your organisation, book a one-on-one session with a member of our team.

About PainChek
PainChek® is the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for the assessment of pain, enabling best-practice pain management for people living with pain in any environment, including those who cannot reliably self-report their pain, those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two. PainChek® provides best-practice management in over 1,000 aged care facilities worldwide, with more than 3,000,000 digital pain assessments conducted to date, and is trusted by thousands of nurses, carers, and clinicians worldwide.

About Ascom
Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. The vision of Ascom is to close digital information gaps allowing for the best possible decisions—anytime and anywhere. Ascom’s mission is to provide mission-critical, near real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad hoc, and time-sensitive environments. For more information, please visit:

About Ageing Asia

Ageing Asia is Asia Pacific’s first industry alliance on the business of ageing. We are an independent social enterprise and network that seeks to unite business, government, community leaders and the media, to drive change for APAC’s ageing landscape. Our vision is to lead an advocacy and educational role in improving quality and standards of eldercare, nurture partnerships and curate development of solutions that address the new opportunities and market demands of the ageing baby boomer population. To learn more, visit

About Anchor Excellence

Anchor Excellence Aged Care Consultancy is an Australian wide organisation with 20 aged care specialists. All experienced leaders in their fields, their complementary mix of skills support aged care leaders in executive management, governance, strategy, quality and compliance management, asset and property management, stakeholder management, customer experience and coaching. As a combined team, Anchor Excellence Aged Care Consultants can provide support and advisory services to your aged care home, in-home care services and disability organisation, delivering a seamless experience that creates sustainable change. To learn more, please visit:

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