PCK Quarterly Results 2

PainChek has had another strong quarter, and we’re proud to share that over 3,000,000 digital pain assessments have been carried out using PainChek®. Each individual assessment brings more objectivity and consistency to evaluating and managing pain, whilst making a real difference to the lives of those suffering from pain.

70,000 commercial beds have been contracted worldwide in aged care, representing a 96% increase compared to the year prior. PainChek® is now the most popular clinical digital tool in Australian aged care, and continues to expand across the UK and North America.

“These quarterly results reaffirm the value and take up of the PainChek® technology in multiple markets across three continents. Moreover, the existing market presence now established across three continents provides the foundations for PainChek to become a global business.”

— Philip Daffas, CEO and Managing Director, PainChek

Significant progress across Australia and New Zealand, the UK, and North America

Australia and New Zealand: PainChek licences cover more than 50,000 beds and 700 aged care facilities, representing approximately 25% of the market. We have recently onboarded several new clients in Australia, including:

  • Warrigal (1,458 beds)
  • Whiddon (1,750 beds)
  • Anglican Care (789 beds)
  • Grampians Health (501 beds)
  • Doutta Galla (530 beds)

These clients join some of the largest national providers already using PainChek®, including Allity, Blue Cross, Baptist Care, Churches of Christ, Ozcare, and Anglicare. In addition, the PainChek clinical team has trained over 12,000 users to assist customers in their transition to digital platforms.

UK: Across the UK, PainChek® licences cover approximately 20,000 beds, a 150% increase on the year prior.

New clients who have recently contracted with PainChek include:

  • London Borough of Enfield, which will be funding PainChek across 80 care homes (1,900 beds)
  • Exemplar Healthcare, a provider to RAC (Residential Aged Care) and younger adults (1,800 beds)
  • TLC Care, a medium-sized family-run organisation (600 beds)
  • Angel Care, our first new client through our integration with Care Control (350 beds), with more integration clients in the pipeline
  • Royal Star & Garter, a not-for-profit organisation will be using PainChek® to support their employed nurse
  • Prescribers to optimise treatment and care plans for their residents (200 beds)

New trials of PainChek® include:

  • HC-One, the largest provider of Care Homes in the UK, have been trained in the use of PainChek® across three care homes in Wales as part of an evaluation for a potential broader rollout across their 20,000-bed estate
  • Shaw Healthcare, a residential care provider across RAC, younger adults and mental health, has been trialling PainChek® in three Welsh Homes that support mental health, enabling better communication with GPs to optimise treatment plans and improve outcomes for residents
  • POBL, a Welsh Disability provider, is using Welsh-funded licences to support an independent evaluation of PainChek® within disability, all new Care technology adopted for potential broader rollout across Wales
  • HFT, one of the largest disability providers in the UK, will be evaluating the use of PainChek® across a mix of people in their care

New partnerships include:

  • Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), a key policy developer supporting quality improvements within the Care Sector. PainChek jointly worked with QCS to support the 2023 review of a national pain management policy designed to help improve pain as assessment and management in those who cannot reliably self-report their pain.
  • To support rapid growth and increasing demand, the UK team has built further capacity for customer education and training by partnering with Ark Assessment Limited to use pharmacists to conduct dementia education training and pain management training using PainChek® as part of their medication management service for aged care homes.

North America: In Canada where PainChek has regulatory clearance, initial customers have provided positive feedback following training and implementation in May. In the US, PainChek’s new distribution partnership with Ethos Labs, an accredited, high-complexity lab with expertise in pain diagnostics, lays the groundwork for rapid growth across the US once FDA clearance has been received, which is expected to follow in the last quarter of 2023.

Japan: PainChek is in close contact with the PMDA Japanese regulatory authorities, who are set to determine the regulatory pathway for PainChek to enter the Japanese market.

Integration partners supporting quality care

PainChek integrates and works with aged care management and medication management systems covering more than 1,500,000 aged care beds across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and North America, including new partner Ethos Labs in the US. Integration with these partners supports improved clinical care, more transparent data-sharing, and optimised medication management.

Integration Partners

Regular pain monitoring delivers outstanding results

PainChek’s implementation across three clients in the UK—Adept Care Homes, Harbour Healthcare, and Braeburn Care Homes—has led to overwhelmingly positive outcomes:

  • Ability to identify and treat unreported fractures1
  • Reduction in levels of stress and distress from 34 events to four in one month
  • Reduction in falls by 75% in three months (42% over six months)
  • Moved residents off opioids onto milder pain relief2
  • Reduction of laxative prescribing by 27% over six months3

These results demonstrate the real-world impact of PainChek® in enabling improved outcomes for aged care residents and supporting better quality care.

Progress in bringing PainChek® to hospitals worldwide

Following a successful demonstration of the PainChek® pain assessment solution, work is now underway for a PainChek® pilot at a large UK-based hospital network.

PainChek’s integration with InterSystems TrakCare EMR (Electronic Medical Record) platform provides a novel point-of-care hospital pain assessment and pain management solution. Over 400 million patient records are managed by TrakCare providing PainChek access to hospital customers in the US, UK, Europe, South America, and Asia.

PainChek CEO and Managing Director Philip Daffas was a keynote speaker at the InterSystems Global Summit in Miami in June 2023. This conference attracted more than 1,000 InterSystems’ global clients and local market representatives.

Positive feedback for PainChek® Infant

PainChek has conducted the first stage of market research with first-time parents of children below one year of age in Australia. The feedback was very positive in terms of product need and potential uptake of the PainChek® Infant technology for this parental group.

A second round of quantitative market testing is set to be conducted in the coming months, followed by a first stage, targeted, direct-to-consumer market entry in Australia during the final quarter of 2023.

To learn more about how PainChek® could enable best-practice pain management within your organisation, book a one-on-one session with a member of our team.


1Adept Care Homes
2Harbour Healthcare
3Braeburn Care Homes

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