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Key PainChek® benefits.

PainChek® is a CE Mark cleared medical device.

PainChek® uses Artificial Intelligence to provide an accurate assessment of pain for those who cannot verbalise their pain levels.

Enables treatment regimens to be tailored to the individual results and improved resident-centred care.

Allows St Mary’s Mount Care Home to be at the forefront of digital healthcare solutions for aged care.

PainChek® was the simplest of technologies to implement and integrates into our existing care management approach.

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St Mary’s Mount Care Home is a 30-bed care facility which specialises in caring for those living with dementia. St Mary’s Mount strives to provide the highest quality of care whilst continuously evolving to meet the needs of our residents as well as demonstrating our compliance with the KLOE’s. Digital healthcare solutions have increased in the aged care sector, for which PainChek® is a great working example.

The introduction of PainChek® has transformed pain assessment at St Mary’s Mount. It is quick, reliable, effective and ultimately improves the care the residents receive. It also reduces staff time for data entry and administration.

“Prior to using PainChek® we used traditional paper-based pain assessments. The outcomes of these assessments were both subjective and time consuming, with differing results depending on who was completing them. It was also a challenge to differentiate between pain, pain related behavioural issues and just behavioural issues.

PainChek® accurately assesses pain in those living with dementia at the point of care, replacing the need for paperwork. The assessment takes no more than 2-3 minutes to complete, with all data automatically uploaded to the PainChek Web App Portal. Carers, GPs and other medical staff can then access the data online.

St Mary’s Mount has experienced a marked improvement in the accuracy and consistency of pain assessment outcomes since introducing PainChek®.  In addition, we have seen a huge time saving from administration.”

St Mary’s Mount has also observed a reduction in pain related PRN usage in a particular resident, who despite this, is remaining pain free. “We have identified the unneeded use of pain relief medication for one of our residents by using PainChek® which highlighted this case.”

St Mary’s has also received positive feedback from visiting nurses as well as the families of residents. Treatments are now more accurate whilst staff have also noted a positive difference in resident behaviours.

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