We are so pleased to announce we have established an integrated pain management solution with MPS Connect, a leading Australian medication services company, with the joint goal of ensuring the right medication is provided based on accurate pain assessment, for people living at home with home care packages.

This unique opportunity sees PainChek enter the Australian Home Care market by combining the medication expertise of MPS Connect, a subsidiary of Sigma Healthcare, with our pain assessment app to deliver effective pain intervention and treatment for people living at home.

The collaboration will see our PainChek® app integrate into the soon-to-be-launched MediSphere™ Medication Management System and make pain assessment and pain treatment available in one software system. This will enhance the user experience and health outcomes for consumers, carers, residents and nurses alike.

Together, PainChek® and MediSphere™ will:

  • provide detailed information of pain at the delivery of pain relief medication
  • remove the subjectivity of someone’s pain threshold and pain relief
  • trend the effectiveness of pain relief medication on pain rating over time, and alerts changes to PRN pain relief
  • provide consistency as the same tool is used when reviewing the outcome of pain relief
  • establish a pain management routine, from home care through to residential aged care
  • provide a holistic approach to pain management and medication.

Of this partnership, our CEO Philip Daffas said:

“This is a significant milestone in our home care strategy. The MPS MediSphere™ solution is innovative and the integration of PainChek into its medication management suite ensures all home consumers can receive best-practice pain and medication management. PainChek® Universal was developed specifically to ensure we had a pain assessment solution that also meets the needs of the global aged care, home care, hospital and disability markets. This is another example of how we build innovative partnerships to access new high value markets for PainChek.”

The integrated solution will launch Q1, 2022.

Learn more about MPS Connect here.

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