Senior Research Scientist PhD, MPS

Associate Professor Kreshnik Hoti graduated from Curtin University and is a registered community and consultant pharmacist with a PhD in Pharmacy and specialization from the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy. Dr Hoti has extensive practice experience in reviewing the use and safety of medicines in community and aged care settings, especially in geriatric people with chronic conditions. Ensuring adequate pain management was a key focus in Kreshnik extensive experience with medication reviews in the elderly, including those with dementia.

Kreshnik is a recipient of competitive funding from Alzheimer’s Australia and is one of the co-inventors of the ePAT tool (now PainChek). Kreshnik was a Fulbright Scholar at Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, Cambridge, US. At MIT Kreshnik and his colleagues worked on using Artificial Intelligence in addressing medication safety related issues. Kreshnik has extensive academic experience starting from Curtin University where he taught in various Pharmacy courses and is currently involved in supervising PhD students. He served as a Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina where he is currently an Associate Professor in Pharmacy. Kreshnik has published numerous peer review papers in leading scientific journals including Nature Medicine and Lancet Digital Health.