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PainChek has seen a fantastic quarter, with continued progress, positive results, and new opportunities across the world.

More than 1.67 million PainChek® assessments have now been conducted and 70,000 licences are being used worldwide, reflecting positive progress on our mission to enable best-practice pain assessment for all people, everywhere.

Discover the latest global wrap-up from PainChek below.

Australia & New Zealand: Independent evaluation of PainChek® shows overwhelmingly positive results

Momentum continues in Australia and New Zealand, with a recent independent evaluation of the Australian Government-funded PainChek® pilot across Residential Aged Care facilities showing overwhelmingly positive results, including:

  • A reduction in the severity of pain over time as a result of improved pain management practices
  • Support for GPs in reviewing resident medications
  • A relationship between PainChek® assessments and reduced prescription of psychotropic medications
  • Staff reporting greater ability to identify pain and improvements in residents’ quality of life and health outcomes.

Our ANZ clinical team also continues to work closely with our clients in transitioning to PainChek® and digital platforms, and has trained over 10,000 users covering 64,000 beds, including 1,150 beds in New Zealand.

The UK: Promising growth and funded roll-outs

PainChek has recently established new client partnerships in the UK and Ireland, with more expected to follow. In Wales, a 12-month funded pilot is underway, with 15 care homes now in the process of implementing PainChek®.

Promising results from a Scottish-funded roll-out of PainChek® licences will also support the Scottish Care Inspectorate (regulator) in promoting better pain management across the nation’s care homes.

In addition, the PainChek UK team recently attended the 2022 UK Care Show in what was the most successful event since launching in the UK.

2022 UK Care Show

North America: PainChek® to be accessible to more than 1,000,000 residents

We are now partnering with leading global care management system PointClickCare®, which will see PainChek® be accessible to more than 10,000 nursing homes and 1,000,000 residents across Canada, and the US following expected FDA clearance later this year.

PainChek CEO and Managing Director Philip Daffas said:

“We know from experience in the rollout across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to date, the importance of integration partnerships with local care management software providers is very significant. We are delighted to partner with PointClickCare®, the leading provider in the North American market.”

“Together, our wider set of technology solutions will allow us to help improve pain management.”

In the meantime, we are about to onboard our first aged care client in Canada, where we have regulatory clearance. Sherwood Care is a quality-focused non-profit aged care organisation and a client of PointClickCare®.

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing our progress in enabling best-practice pain management across US and Canadian care homes.

Continued global expansion

Further abroad, PainChek’s footprint is expanding through the development of regulatory clearance and market entry strategy in Japan after being accepted into the JETRO Business Connect program, Japan’s core governmental program for promoting inward foreign business, for 2022. In the past two months JETRO has facilitated a number of virtual meetings for the PainChek with potential local Japanese business partners and clients to support the market entry strategy development.

We are also taking part in an ongoing project to validate the potential of PainChek® in improving processes and humanising care in Portugal. Egas Moniz CSL is a community of students, teachers, and staff, whose mission is to improve health conditions for society.

Ongoing research and new partnerships

We are currently working with various research partners to study the clinical validity of the PainChek® Infant App for infants and children in hospital settings and look forward to sharing the data in the coming months.

Additionally, PainChek’s technology partners continue to grow, not only in number, but in size, geographical scope, regions served, and industries supported. From a base of Aged Care Management Systems, our partners now include eMAR and Medication Management tools, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and others.

We are now partnering with InterSystems, a leading global provider of data management solutions, to integrate with electronic medical record (EMR) systems—including the InterSystems TrakCare® unified healthcare information system. More than one billion health records worldwide are managed using InterSystems technology.

With 30+ partners and more to come, PainChek is providing end-to-end point-of-care pain management for aged care, community and disability care facilities, pharmacies, and hospitals around the world.

Partner Logos

Looking ahead

As we head into the final months of 2022, our focus remains on making best-practice pain management readily accessible for more people around the world—improving quality of care and treatment outcomes for adults and children.

If you’d like to learn more about how PainChek® can support your organisation, book a one-on-one session with a member of our team.

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