PainChek has seen a fantastic start to 2022. In the March quarter, we brought our digital pain assessment solution to more residents in aged care facilities around the world, and continued our expansion efforts across the infant, home care, hospital, and disability markets.

Discover the latest highlights from the past quarter below, and what’s in store for PainChek in the coming months.

Positive progress on all fronts in residential aged care

Between January and March, PainChek saw continued growth in the global aged care sector, with over 66,000 licenses now implemented in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Singapore.

Key highlights from the quarter include:

    • More than one million PainChek® clinical assessments have been conducted in aged care as of 31 March 2022, an increase of 273% over the previous year and 34% over the prior quarter.
    • The PainChek clinical team has trained over 8,500 users to assist customers in rolling out our digital pain assessment solution.

Australia: PainChek® is currently licensed for use in approximately 60% of Australian residential aged care facilities, representing 125,000 beds, and is present in every state and territory across the country.

New Zealand: Summerset, New Zealand’s third-largest care provider, will roll out PainChek® in all 24 of its care centres following a successful 6-month pilot program. Summerset will utilise PainChek® across 1,200 beds to enable best-practice pain management and improve quality of care.

UK: PainChek® is now licensed for use across 5,000 residential aged care beds in the UK, representing a 68% quarterly growth. We have also established new integration agreements with care management and medication management partners, including Care Vision CMS and Nourish Care, which span up to 180,000 additional beds. 

US: We are progressing with FDA regulatory clearance for the PainChek® Adult app in the US and have lodged an application for the PainChek® Infant app to be registered as a Clinical Decision Support device to support the US-based COVID-19 infant vaccination roll-out plan. Our sights are set on a US launch of PainChek® in the second half of 2022.

Growing our footprint in the infant, home care, hospital, and, disability markets

We are pleased to share that we are moving forward in our mission to enable best-practice pain management for people living with pain in any environment, from those who cannot verbalise their pain, those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two.

In the UK, we have partnered with Downing Care, a learning disability care home group, to test the utility of PainChek® across 20 beds with plans for a broader roll-out across all their care homes in Surrey and Hampshire.

Within the hospital market, the Joondalup Health Campus at Edith Cowan University is to run a six-month pilot program of PainChek®, and The Royal Children’s Hospital is preparing to undertake a clinical study to evaluate the validity and reliability of PainChek® Infant for the assessment of procedural pain amongst infants in the emergency department. Our team is working on further developing partnerships for the PainChek® Infant app with pharma, diagnostics, and clinical research organisations.

In addition, we have grown our footprint in the home care market across 75 beds with Finley Regional Care Ltd, a residential aged care and home care provider. We also launched our partnership with MPS Connect (owned by Sigma Healthcare) to deliver effective pain intervention and treatment for people living at home.

PainChek® CEO Phillip Daffas commented:

“The results of the past quarter reconfirm the Company’s positive progress on all fronts. New green shoots including first small sales in the Australian home care and hospital market, the first disability sector sale in the UK and growing interest from several international and local partners with the infant app for both post operative and post vaccination applications. These hold the Company in good stead for new market expansion in 2022.”

To learn more about how PainChek® could enable best-practice pain management within your organisation, book a one-on-one session with a member of our team.

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