Allambie Heights Village Ltd. has been providing quality care and accommodation on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since 1966.

The CEO Ciarán Foley is strongly committed to high-quality care. He sees effective pain management as a crucial element of delivering that care. Allambie Heights Village Ltd.’s Residential Aged Care Facility started using PainChek® in August 2018.

Ciarán says PainChek® is definitely having a positive impact on the quality of care.

“We want to be very much at the forefront of delivering quality aged care. So the initial decision to adopt PainChek® was really important for us.”

“Once we decided to go forward with PainChek®, we were interested to see how well the device would work. What we’ve found is that it works really well with people who can’t communicate or can’t communicate well, such as residents with dementia. We were suddenly able to detect and assess pain where we may not have previously. Then we could implement a treatment plan and monitor the results of that. The result has been an improvement in pain management, in resident comfort and a calmness in some our residents who can’t communicate well,” says Ciarán.

“Our physiotherapists have been using massage and other alternatives to medication like TENS machines and therapeutic warm towels. With PainChek®, we’re better able to provide the correct treatment to the person and to measure the benefit of that.”

“Our team were just absolutely astonished how this has improved the wellbeing and the health of our residents who can’t communicate.”

“And it’s very easy to use. We’re using PainChek® on either a Tablet or a Smartphone. It’s very straightforward and the readings are very easy to see. After the implementation of the treatment plan, you can actually see the improvement. So, you can track the improvement and we can basically see how that person has benefitted from the treatment or therapy.”

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