Dr Abbey is the developer and innovator behind the Abbey Pain Scale (APS) which has been the standard pain assessment tool used for people who cannot verbalise in Australia and overseas since 2004. Dr Abbey’s profile is highlighted below.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr Abbey to the PainChek clinical advisory team. Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in pain asserssment and will support our efforts to improve the quality of pain assessment and expand clinical indications for PainChek in Australia and overseas” said Philip Daffas CEO PainChek Ltd.

In this advisory role, Dr Abbey will provide PainChek with support in expanding clinical indications including dementia care, palliative care, delirium and other cognitive impairment conditions liable to hamper pain identification and assessment.

“I have a passion for continuous improvement in pain assessment and look forward to working with the PainChek team. I see PainChek as an evolutionary development of my past work, incorporating new technologies including smart devices and artificial intelligence that further improves the pain assessment process. There are many people who still do not have their pain assessed effectively. Our common goal is to ensure they do not suffer unnecessary pain” Dr Abbey commented.

Dr Jennifer Abbey Profile:
“Dr Jenny Abbey was a Foundation Director of one of the three National Dementia Collaborative Research Centres established under the Australian Government’s National Dementia Initiative and was Queensland’s first Professor of Nursing (Aged Care) holding a joint appointment between Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Prince Charles Hospital. She is the author of the Abbey Pain Scale, the pain scale most widely used in Australian Residential Care facilities to assess pain for people with dementia who are unable to verbalise their needs in a meaningful way. Most of her research work has been in the field of palliative care needs of people with dementia”.

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Phillip Daffas with Dr Jennifer Abbey and Professor Jeff Hughes
Phillip Daffas with Dr Jennifer Abbey and Professor Jeff Hughes