PainChek® has executed a licence agreement with Churches Of Christ in Queensland, which will enable the aged care provider the ability to deploy the monitoring technology across 1,000 residential aged care beds.

By Lauren Barrett – April 9, 2019

Under the partnership, the PainChek app will be accessible to the company’s nursing and care staff to assess their residents’ clinical pain levels.

The PainChek license agreement follows on from a successful PainChek trial at Churches of Christ Queensland (CofCQ) involving several residents living with dementia.

CofCQ executive director of services Bryan Mason said the app had helped carers identify the presence and severity of residents’ pain when their pain wasn’t obvious.

“Rolling out the PainChek technology will mean we can better assess pain for our residents giving them access to appropriate treatment more quickly,” he said.

Currently, CofCQ owns and operates 28 Queensland residential aged care homes comprising 1,900 aged care beds.

PainChek’s mobile app will be rolled out across 1,000 residential aged care beds under a new licence agreement.

Commenting on the agreement with CofCQ, PainChek chief executive officer Philip Daffas said the company was delighted to be part of the providers transformational pain management service.

“PainChek is fast becoming the new standard for pain assessment within Australian Aged Care,” he said.

“Today, close to 4,000 residents across 62 aged care sites have licensed access to the PainChek technology.”