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Twilight Aged Care

Twilight Aged Care has been delivering aged care services since 1915, providing high quality aged care for more than 160 residents in northern Sydney communities, employing over 200 dedicated staff. As one of the oldest not-for-profit aged care providers in Australia, Twilight is committed to providing the highest quality integrated care and accommodation, including dementia, palliative and respite care.

Twilight was established by community donations for the sole purpose of providing care for those in need. Today, Twilight actively engages with local charities, schools, choirs and more in order to connect with the community-driven roots and improve the quality of life of residents.

Twilight’s main point of difference lies in the homely environment that is cultivated in each of their homes; a departure from the clinical, hospital-like atmosphere of so many other aged care facilities. Staff and management are nurtured and developed to help deliver the highest quality of care for their residents. Twilight also ensures effective operation with regular employee performance reviews and ongoing training and learning programs.

As part of its commitment to providing its staff with the best resources to support residents effectively, Twilight Aged Care rolled out PainChek® across all of its aged care facilities in 2019. The rollout sought to improve the diagnosis and management of pain in people living with dementia or cognitive impairment.

Twilight’s Organisation Development Manager, Fiona Wallace said,

“PainChek® has made it easier with data that can support clinical decision-making. Over time, we can use PainChek® Analytics to proactively monitor pain and introduce interventions as needed. It’s also been instrumental in supporting people with changed behaviours to understand whether pain is an underlying cause.”

Read more about the PainChek and Twilight Aged Care partnership with these case studies.

Fiona Wallace, Organisational Development Manager at Twilight Aged Care
Fiona Wallace, who has extensive experience working within the acute and aged care sectors, shared the organisation’s proactive pain management strategies using PainChek® for monitoring pain, assessing pain intervention, and providing evidence-based discussions while highlighting the organisation’s commitment to meeting compliance standards.

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Samjhana Sharma, Acting Clinical Care Coordinator at Horton House
Samjhana Sharma, who was the Acting Clinical Care Coordinator at the time of the interview, discusses the vital role of PainChek® in accurately identifying and managing residents’ pain, providing reassurance to families and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

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Parbati Thapa, Acting Facility Manager at Hunters Hill Village
Parbati Thapa, with a career in the aged care industry since 2009, highlights the impact of PainChek® in effectively managing residents’ pain, enabling a detailed and accurate pain assessment, and streamlining pain management processes.

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