Residential Care Partner: Regents Garden Scarborough Condocare WA

General Manager: Yvonne Ayre

PainChek first used: October 2018

Approximate No. of assessments: >500

Key PainChek® benefits.

Significant improvement in behaviours and quality of life for residents with dementia as a result of PainChek® assessments and subsequent pain management.

Reduced residents’ pain levels through a more accurate treatment plan.

Reduced behavioural medications, such as antipsychotics in residents with dementia.

The positive influence of PainChek® has supported the re-accreditation of Regents Garden Scarborough Condocare.


Regents Garden provides residential care for people in Perth and WA who can no longer live at home and require around the clock nursing care and emotional support. Experienced nursing staff at Regents Garden ensure that all residents, family members and visitors are treated with kindness, compassion, respect and dignity, all while delivering a high standard of care.

It prides itself on setting the benchmark for residential care in elegant and world-class residential aged care facilities for our older community.

Specifically, Regents Garden, specialises in palliative care – working together with the resident, family and external services (if required) to provide relief from symptoms, pain, physical and mental stress – while offering support to the family.

Introducing PainChek® to our residents.

Yvonne Ayre, General Manager at Regents Garden, talks about the accuracy of pain diagnosis through the PainChek® assessments – which in turn enables a more accurate treatment plan:

“Having the evidence to support a pain diagnosis has often proved difficult when caring for people with dementia. Pain and behaviour management often go hand in hand and PainChek® has provided us with a simple but effective tool to diagnose that a person has pain and effectively manage that pain.”

“As a result, we now have a number of documented cases of reduced use of behaviour medications (such as antipsychotics) and an improvement in the quality of life for the residents.”

“We see the PainChek® application as a valuable addition to our pain management system. The training and support from the staff at PainChek® has been first class and the registered nurses at Regents Garden have embraced this tool and have nothing but praise for the results that we are finding.”

Supporting re-accreditation through the Aged Care Quality Commission (ACQC - the accreditation body for aged care services).

PainChek® has played an important role in helping secure the re-accreditation of Regents Garden through addressing improvements in Standard 2 “Health and personal care”, as demonstrated in the quote below taken from the recent re-accreditation report.

“The tool has been used to assess care recipients and assist with the review and referral of undiagnosed pain to medical officers. Changes have been made to the care recipient’s pain management with positive results. Clinical staff interviewed reported a decrease in challenging behaviour for a care recipient assessed and reviewed. Management reported they have purchased a license to use the tool and will roll out the use of the tool at other homes.”

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