How it works

How the PainChek® pain assessment tool works

PainChek® Universal combines the PainChek® App with the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) to enable best-practice pain assessment in all people, everywhere.

The PainChek® App is the world’s first clinically proven digital pain assessment tool. Using AI, facial recognition and smartphone technology, PainChek® intelligently automates the pain assessment process at the point of care.

  • Available for download from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Complete digital pain assessments in under 3 minutes.
  • Seamless online onboarding, training and implementation.

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Managing Pain, Improving Lives:
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Who it's for

PainChek® Universal enables best-practice pain management for all people, everywhere. This includes those who cannot verbalise their pain, those who can self-report, and those who fluctuate between the two.

The PainChek® App is clinically proven to improve pain assessment and treatment for people with moderate to severe dementia in aged care. Our cloud-based digital tool is available to professional carers in residential aged care facilities or home care settings. PainChek® Universal also includes access to the Numerical Rating Scale, one of the top recommended rating scales for those who can self-report their pain.

To find out how PainChek® Universal can transform patient care in your facility, book an appointment with a member of the team today.


Improved pain management with PainChek® Analytics

PainChek® Universal includes access to PainChek® Analytics, a tailored dashboard and patient portal that empowers clinicians to deliver improved resident outcomes.

PainChek® Analytics houses valuable patient data in the form of historical pain assessment results. These insights can be used to guide decision-making, inform care planning, and ensure residents receive consistent, high-quality care.


Features and inclusions

Your PainChek® Universal license includes unlimited pain assessments for all residents, unlimited access to historical pain score data, full support in set-up and training, and more. Discover everything that’s included here.


More than 1,600+ facilities are accurately assessing pain using PainChek®

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Seamless integration

PainChek® fully integrates with all leading Care Management System (CMS) providers. These providers cover approximately 80% or 205,000 of all aged care beds in Australia, and more than 50,000 beds in the UK.

This means that all PainChek® pain assessment data is fed seamlessly into the care management platform. There’s no manual handling and no duplication of effort.


Case studies

PainChek® is currently used in over 1,600 aged care facilities around the world. To date, more than 127,000 people have benefitted from better pain assessment and management as a result of improved care outcomes in the form of decreased acute pain and improved quality of life.

Barossa Village

Barossa Village began using PainChek® in 2017. The facility has reported reduced resident pain levels through better detection and more accurate treatment, as well as an increase in pain assessments conducted on cognitively impaired residents.


Allambie Heights Village

Using PainChek®, Allambie Heights Village was able to demonstrate to GPs that underlying acute pain was the cause of behavioural challenges in residents. In turn, this resulted in the reduction of psychotropic medications.


Heathfield Residential Home

Since introducing PainChek®, Heathfield Ladies Residential Home has seen an improvement in the detection of individual pain experiences. Carers have also been able to identify and monitor pain more accurately, as well as improve patient engagement.


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Clinical Studies

Published articles detailing the validity and reliability of PainChek®.

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Our clients:

PainChek® is trusted by a number of large aged care providers and boutique facilities around the world. Some of our clients include Allity in Australia, AlayaCare in Canada, and Person Centred Software in the UK.

Our partners and supporters:

At PainChek®, we are committed to ensuring best practice pain management for all people, everywhere. As part of our vision, we are proud to partner with leading aged care industry associations, peak bodies, medical practices, research facilities, integration partners and more.

More than 1,600+ facilities are accurately assessing pain using PainChek®

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