Recorded on Wednesday 27th October.

Understanding the relationship between pain & dementia is complex and poses a challenge to care managers daily. This webinar discusses the challenges of assessing pain for people with dementia, and discovers how these can be overcome with assistive technology.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The most common challenges of assessing pain for people with dementia and cognitive impairments, and why accurate pain assessment and management has never been more important.
  • Pain-related behaviours and learn how to accurately and effectively complete pain assessments using PainChek®.
  • How to extract pain assessment insights at the provider, facility, and individual carer level using PainChek® Analytics to enhance clinical decision-making and improve the quality of care an individual receives, regardless of their diagnosis.The webinar is ideal for:

The webinar is ideal for:

  • Facility and care managers
  • Senior nurses