Published Dementia Australia 9 August 2019

The PainChek® app, initially funded by the Dementia Australia Research Foundation in 2012 has recently received a $5 million investment by the Morrison government.

The investment by the government makes provision for a universal PainChek® access license for the more than 1,000 Residential Aged Care Providers in Australia and their 100,000 residents living with dementia for a one year period.

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Dementia Australia Research Foundation Chair Professor Graeme Samuel AC said the investment in the capacity building of researchers, Mustafa Atee and A/Prof Kreshnik Hoti, early in their career has paid off in dividends, with the announcement of the investment in their PainChek® app. The research was led by Prof Jeff Hughes from the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University.

“Research into dementia care is now more urgent than ever. Our aim is to help researchers to launch and explore a career in dementia. Mr Atee and A/Prof Hoti are great examples of what can be achieved,” Professor Samuel said.

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Project funded by the Dementia Australia Research Foundation receives $5 million investment from the Government