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The Global HIMSS23 Health Conference, held in Chicago last week, presented the latest on the advancement of healthcare, with a spotlight on AI and data interoperability.

In a panel discussion, Philip Daffas (CEO and Managing Director of PainChek), and Don Woodlock (Head of Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems), spoke about how technology is transforming care delivery, with PainChek emphasised as an essential technology to help physicians accurately identify pain, quantify the severity and aid in the decision of better-informed interventions.

During the presentation, Philip shared how AI is helping caregivers understand the pain levels of nonverbal patients.

“(PainChek’s) AI tool analyses facial expressions, the care person observes them, and then creates a score that is documented in the EHR. It allows the caregiver to assess their pain, administer controls, and then reassess how it is working.”

By returning that insight into providers’ clinical records, both short-term and long-term medical insights can be gained.

It was pointed out that the AI component is not about taking away jobs or trying to be better than a doctor, but to provide information for the physician or nurse in ways not always humanly possible.

“Can a human do it? Yes, if they are really well-trained. The challenge is to pick up the minor expressions not visible to the naked eye, up to nine different ones at a time. Once the AI is trained properly, you know you have a reliable data set that can help take a pain assessment.

This is another step by AI to help doctors, nurses, and carers make better decisions and get better outcomes. We’re here to enable and help. Pain assessments are one of the most important objective parts of assessing pain for those who can’t truly verbalise reliably.”

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