PainChek Care Vision Launch

PainChek UK is pleased to welcome Care Vision to its growing list of integration partners. Care Vision is a cloud-based Care Management System (CMS) which enables care providers to provide intuitive, customisable software to simplify the daily recording, reporting and dynamic care planning, as well as improve security, accuracy and visibility for care homes across the UK.

This latest integration is another way in which clients can benefit from a direct flow of pain assessment data from PainChek into their central care planning software, ensuring no need for manual handling of data. PainChek and Care Vision are both committed to giving time back to care teams, allowing them to spend more time with the residents in their care.

Special Offer:

Care homes can get Care Vision for FREE for 3 months if they are new or existing PainChek clients.
To find out more, contact Attia Khaleeque at [email protected]

This newly launched integration offers clients the following features and benefits:

Administrative features

A two-way flow of data between PainChek and Care Vision ensures administrative tasks, like documenting assessments and updating Resident details are handled automatically with no duplicated effort or double-handling of data.

  • Automatic documentation of all PainChek and NRS assessments, directly in Care Vision’s pain charts and progress notes
  • Automatic update of resident details in PainChek, using Care Vision as the source of truth
  • Open PainChek assessment directly through Care Vision’s mobile application, streamlining usability

Clinical features

Care Vision’s powerful alerts system marries seamlessly with PainChek data to ensure your team is supported and empowered to follow best-practice pain management policies and procedures.

  • Default alert settings ensure that your team is prompted to assess pain at regular intervals, follow-up to verify intervention efficacy, and more, aligning with NICE guidelines and modern best practice
  • Customisable alerts allow your organisation’s bespoke pain management policies to be reflected directly in Care Vision, and driven by PainChek assessments
  • Streamline clinical workflows, knowing that all pain assessment happens in 1 place, with outcomes automatically sent to where you need them
  • PainChek’s Point of Care assessment tool is directly linked from Care Vision, and is usable on the same iOS and Android mobile devices. One device, all clinical documentation.

James Matthias, Global Product Manager for Integration Partnerships says:

“We are delighted to be able to launch this feature-rich integration with Care Vision to the UK care sector. Through the combined strengths of PainChek’s accurate, objective assessments and detailed reporting, and Care Vision’s powerful alerts system and charting, we can ensure that our mutual clients’ pain management processes are driven by best practice principles end-to-end.

We’re proud to work with Care Vision towards our shared goal of leveraging modern technology to empower the care sector to provide the best quality care, and achieve the best possible quality of life, for all residents”.

Commenting on the newly launched integration, Care Vision CEO Rishi Jawaheer says:

“We have been working closely with PainChek to develop a relevant and unique integration. The assessments are seamlessly brought into the Care Vision workflow, making things so easy for carers on the front line and providing the opportunity to record individual and comprehensive detail at the point of care. This allows less stress for the carers and more accurate recording and more timely interventions relating to pain which can often not be seen or heard in the environments we work in. It has been a great pleasure working with the team and we know that this integration is going to be a game changer for the way in which we care for people and help people work towards the much sought-after outstanding rating giving us more time to connect with people we support”.

About PainChek:

PainChek® is the world’s first regulatory cleared medical device for the assessment of pain, enabling best-practice pain management for people living with pain in any environment, including those who cannot reliably self-report their pain, those who can, and those who fluctuate between the two. PainChek® is currently contracted to over 1,500 aged care facilities, with more than 1,300,000 digital pain assessments conducted to date, and is trusted by thousands of nurses, carers, and clinicians worldwide.

To learn more about PainChek, please visit:

About Care Vision:

Care Vision is a cloud-based Care Management system designed by care providers for care providers. The many types of tasks and departments that share space under your one roof should also share one integrated system. From prescriptions and therapies to food prep, housekeeping, health & safety, HR and family visits.
To learn more about Care Vision, please visit:

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