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PainChek and 3 other leading technology providers launched a major campaign to help the care home sector move towards a stronger future post-COVID by using state-of-the-art digital services to improve their businesses.

PainChek, Person Centred Software, ATLAS eMAR and Ascom are partnering to help care home-owners and staff go digital and to raise awareness of the benefits when technology is put at the heart of care.

Digital services are proven to increase the cost-effectiveness of care, to improve outcomes, and to help with staff performance and retention.  Technology can also help care home-owners to address urgent concerns about future business viability. The campaign launches at an exceptionally challenging time for the sector – with high PPE costs, reduced occupancy levels and increased barriers to the outside world.

The Care Home of the Future campaign is backed by Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, and Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, who will be part of the launch event, a webinar on 24 June.

Martin said: “Technology offers the opportunity for the care sector to move into the 21st-century and to deliver better outcomes for the people that we support, as well as reducing the burden on staff and improving efficiency”.

With 70% of care homes still reliant on paper systems, the campaign organisers believe integrated, best-in-class technology must be central to their operation.

They have identified three stages to becoming a Care Home of the Future:

1. the initial digitisation process by implementing a digital system;

2. joining up care by integrating with best in field specialists;

3. transforming care through data accessibility, incisive analysis and the ability to provide predicted and preventative care.

Ernie Graham, owner of Graham Care Homes, will be part of the webinar panel and will explain how he is using technology to improve care for residents, and business performance.

He said: “We need to be more accountable than ever for the care we provide to our residents, not just in evidencing what we did yesterday but also in developing personalised plans for each person to meet their particular needs today based on an intimate knowledge of their situation.  Quite simply, integrated digital systems are the only way we can achieve this with the necessary levels of transparency.”


On Wednesday 24 June (UTC 13:15-14:15) care home-owners are invited to a webinar discussion: ‘Where are you on your digital journey?’  It will be led by Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, and Ernie Graham, owner of Graham Care Homes. REGISTER here