Digital Transformation

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for the social care sector to get digital care records into 80% of social care providers by March 2024. The Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund supports this by distributing financial support to regional ICS’s which are then working directly with care providers to implement suitable systems to provide safer, more effective care within their organisation.

Digitising social care has the potential to revolutionise the care we provide. By enhancing the safety and quality of care through robust reporting of data and improved efficiencies, giving more time back to caregivers to spend with residents.

Approaching this subject can be tricky, as there is a lot of information out there and many different digital systems to choose from.

Where to start?

If you’re looking to implement a digital system into your organisation and want to understand what level of financial support may be available to you, then reach out to your local ICS. If you don’t have a contact at your local ICS, you can visit Digital Social Care’s website where they provide a full breakdown of the nation’s ICS and how to contact them.

PainChek is also happy to discuss your requirements and provide any support you may need in identifying the right funding opportunity for you. Contact us to discuss in more detail.

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