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PainChek® is a clinically proven medical device to improve pain assessments and pain management for people living with dementia or other cognitive impairment. The digital tool is currently available on iOS and Android devices and is clinically validated as a medical device.

PainChek® is designed to be used by nurses and carers whilst providing care to residents throughout the day or during key interventions which may trigger pain. The user-friendly assessment process can be completed in around 2 minutes, this results in the ability of more frequent pain assessments as it requires far less investment of time in comparison to paper-based assessments. Also, due to it being app-based, care teams can benefit from the assistance of a medical device straight from their pocket.

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Giving a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain:

Using AI technology to support a modern pain assessment framework, PainChek® will identify the presence of pain even when it’s not obvious; PainChek® is fast and easy to use. The smart phone camera looks at the person’s face then analyses the images using AI driven facial recognition. It automatically recognises and records facial muscle movements indicative of pain.
The caregiver then uses PainChek®’s guided framework to observe and record pain related behaviours such as movement and how pain is vocalised by the person.
Finally, PainChek® calculates an overall pain score and stores the result. This outcome forms the evidence base supporting the implementation of pain management interventions, and for the ongoing monitoring of their effectiveness over time.

Discover why more than 4,500 clinicians in 1,600+ facilities globally trust PainChek® to accurately assess pain.

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