Understanding pain is key to effective, resident-centred care. PainChek® and Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software enable pain to be quickly and objectively assessed, and effectively managed.

Clinical Manager is a residential aged care software solution that helps providers effectively manage clinical documentation, administration, and care.

By helping to reduce compliance risks, increase efficiencies and maximise opportunities for funding, Clinical Manager helps to streamline key operational processes; giving your staff more time to focus on personalised resident care.

PainChek®’s integration with Clinical Manager helps to ensure the resident is at the heart of care. Together, Clinical Manager and PainChek® actively support quality and compliance standards, giving critical time back to clinicians, and driving a focus on pain management as a key component of care.

Telstra Health and PainChek

Integration Features & Benefits

  • Automatically synchronise resident data from Clinical Manager to PainChek®
  • Direct flow of pain assessment outcomes and details from PainChek® to Clinical Manager’s PainChek® Universal chart (including both PainChek® and NRS assessments, for complete visibility of pain even where a person’s ability to verbalise fluctuates)
  • Document interventions and additional details within the Clinical Manager PainChek® Universal chart, helping to ensure quality and compliance standards are maintained as all pain management interventions are clearly associated with assessment activity
  • Intelligent alerts support clinical workflows, marrying PainChek® assessment outcomes with required next steps.


“[PainChek] gives the team much better evidence around where a person’s pain level is at as opposed to just doing what was done before. Now, they have reliable scores that they can actually act upon. It shows exactly where we’re sitting in terms of how we manage pain for our residents and across our facilities.”

“The [Aged Care Quality and Safety] Commission is always very impressed when they do reviews of the homes and can see that PainChek®’s being used. We can demonstrate that we are using a validated assessment tool to monitor and evaluate pain across our homes.”

Larissa McIntyre
Nurse Practitioner and Head of Clinical Services for Anglicare Aged Care & Community Services,
users of PainChek® and Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software.