Transform Pain Management 
with PainChek®

Receive the benefits of a Federal Government grant to implement PainChek®, a world-first pain recognition technology. 
The Federal Government has committed a $5m funding package for Australian Residential Aged Care (RAC) Providers to implement PainChek, a smart device technology giving a voice to residents who cannot verbalise their pain.

The goal of the Government Grant is to improve pain management outcomes for residents experiencing dementia by supporting RAC Providers to implement PainChek, the latest in AI-based pain assessment technology.

Funding covers a standard 12-month PainChek license per Australian RAC Provider and is available to Providers who start using PainChek within the grant period. Learn more about the official Government announcement here. 

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Australian Residential Aged Care Providers are eligible to participate in the Government-subsidised roll-out of PainChek.
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PainChek® has received the CE Mark and TGA clearance as a Class 1 Medical Device. Read PainChek's Privacy Policy >>

World’s first smart phone pain assessment and monitoring device

Automatically detects pain through facial recognition technology

Empowering all caregivers to accurately assess and manage pain

PainChek has regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe

PainChek® is a smart-phone based medical device using artificial intelligence to assess and score pain levels in real-time and update medical records in the cloud. PainChek records a short video of the person’s face and analyses the images that indicate pain and records them. Next, the caregiver uses PainChek to record their observations of other pain-related behaviours that complete the assessment. Finally, PainChek calculates an overall pain score and stores the result allowing the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment over time. 

About PainChek

Since November 2017, more than 500 Australian carers across multiple aged care facilities have completed more than 40,000 PainChek assessments enabling more accurate treatment for their residents who cannot verbalise pain, particularly those living with dementia.

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