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PainChek® is a fully mobile, clinically validated and regulated app that enables best-practice pain management. As a complete point-of-care solution for care centres, PainChek enables carers to accurately assess those who cannot reliably verbalise their pain, those who can self-report, and those who fluctuate between the two.

Transforming Pain Assessment Globally

Discover why more than 4,500 clinicians in 1,600 care centres covering more than 129,189 beds globally trust PainChek to accurately assess pain.

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For those who cannot verbalise
their pain

PainChek accurately measures pain in those who cannot self-report, such as those living with dementia or cognitive impairments. Using AI, facial recognition and data analytics, PainChek automates the pain assessment process and enables carers to objectively assess pain and implement an appropriate pain management plan.


For those who can verbalise
their pain

For those who can self-report, PainChek Universal includes access to the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). Carers follow a guided questionnaire regarding the resident’s pain and documents their response. This information is then converted into an overall pain rating and securely stored in the cloud.


For residents whose ability to communicate fluctuates

PainChek Universal is suitable for use for residents whose ability to self-report fluctuates. Both NRS and PainChek pain assessments and scores can be accessed via the app — allowing carers to choose the most appropriate method based on the resident’s state.

Enable best-practice pain management in your facility

Join 1,600 aged care facilities accurately assessing pain with PainChek Universal.


Seamless integration with medication management software

PainChek results automatically integrate with your medication management software, in real-time.

PainChek results are uploaded directly to the platform in real-time to:

  • Save time with no duplication of effort and manual handling of data
  • Improve data accuracy when recording pain assessment data
  • Enable carers to track the outcomes of treatment and medication in real-time
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“Having the evidence to support a pain diagnosis has often proved difficult when caring for people with dementia. Pain and behaviour management often go hand in hand and PainChek® has provided us with a simple but effective tool to diagnose that a person has pain and effectively manage that pain. As a result, we now have a number of documented cases of reduced use of behaviour medications (such as antipsychotics) and an improvement in the quality of life for the residents.” 

– Yvonne Ayre, General Manager, Regents Garden

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