PainChek Video

Rolling out PainChek to every aged care facility across the country

 The Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP  announces "the $5M government funding will enable a number of sites to trial PainChek to provide the level of treatment and pain intervention that is required."

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ASX PainChek

PainChek, winner amongst the ASX’s small cap health and biotech stocks

 Health: Funding from ScoMo sends PainChek rocketing 91pc to seven-month high

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PainChek signs licence agreement with Queensland aged care provider

PainChek® and Churches of Christ in Queensland (“CofCQ”), a leading Australian Residential Aged Care (“RAC”) provider are pleased to announce the execution of a PainChek® licence agreement.

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UK Welcomes PainChek

UK welcomes Tech Rocketship Award winners from Australia

The 10 Australian UK Tech Rocketship Award winners, selected from 200 applicants, arrive in London to accelerate the set-up of their UK operations.

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Win News Canberra

Win News Canberra reporting – PainChek being hailed a success

St Andrews village in Hughes has been using PainChek for nine months and says it’s significantly improved its level of care and understanding. PainChek gives non-verbal patients, a voice. People that…

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Channel9 PainChek Kids

Channel 9 Perth Interview discusses PainChek for Kids

A new tool is about to hit the market to help parents understand if their babies are in pain. Jeff Hughes, Chief Scientific Officer and Mustafa Atee, Research Scientist MPS, PhD, talk to Channel 9 in…

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Easing The Pain Channel 9

Uptake of PainChek® drives better quality Aged Care

Better detection and management of pain has long been associated with high quality Aged Care1. Now the roll out of PainChek® (ASX:PCK) is allowing staff at residential Aged Care facilities to detect,…

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National Pain Week 2018

More than 35 million people are living with dementia around the world, and more than 50% of these experience pain. This week, 23-27 July, marks National Pain Week in Australia.

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